Vertex Strata

Verine Vertex

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The Vertex is a fashionable decorative hole-in-the-wall fire that creates a stunning minimalist fireplace. The Vertex has choice of Slimline, XL or Strata trim styles and six fuel beds options to suit any living area. The Vertex is not suitable for installation into pre-fabricated or pre-cast flues. Please note - the Vertex is not designed to be used as a source of heat but purely for decorative purposes.

Natural Gas

Builders Opening Sizes

  Natural GasLPG Min Height:350 mm 
Remote Control
 Max Height:365 mm 
  Fully Remote Control Min Width:710 mm 
Plain Back
 Max Width:740 mm 
  Plain Back  
Coal fuel bed
Pebble fuel bed
Log fuel bed
Driftwood fuel bed
White Stone fuel bed
Flame Only fuel bed
  DriftwoodWhite StonesFlame Only 
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Trim options


Strata - 1170mm wide x 525mm high

Vertex Strata

Slimline - 780mm wide x 410mm high

Vertex Slimline

XL - available in Black, Bronze and Graphite Grey - 1170mm wide x 525mm high

Vertex XL Black
Vertex XL Bronze
Vertex XL Graphite Grey
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