Verine Quasar

5 year guarantee

The Quasar has been specifically designed as a multi-installation fire and will fit most flue types including Pre-cast when fitted with a 3" rebated surround. It is also suitable for installation into a standard chimney without the need to remove the chairbrick. There is a choice of coal or pebble fuel bed and a Powerflue option is available for homes without a chimney.

Natural Gas

Builders Opening Sizes

  Natural GasLPG * Min Height:555 mm 
Manual Control
Remote Control
Easy Flame Control
Max Height:575 mm 
  Manual ControlSemi Remote Control #Easy Flame Control (plain back only) #Min Width:355 mm 
Touchlite Control
Slide Control
 Max Width:475 mm 
  Touchlite Control (Powerflue only)Slide Control # 
Plain Back
Ribbed Back
Brick Back
  Plain BackBlack Ribbed BackBlack Brick Back 
Coal fuel bed
Pebble fuel bed
  CoalsPebbles ** 
Call or e-mail for price  * LPG is only available with a plain back, coal fuel bed and on the manual control model or the Powerflue Touchlite control model. 
  # Not available for LPG or Powerflue models. 
  ** Pebble fuel bed is only available on Natural Gas plain or ribbed back models with manual or Touchlite control. 

Fascia options - combined trim & fret (not slide control models)


Essence Fascia

Essence fascia black
Essence fascia brass
Essence fascia brushed steel
 BlackBrassBrushed steel  

Frontier Fascia

Frontier hearth mounted fascia
Frontier wall mounted fascia
 Hearth mountedWall mounted  

Trim options


Standard trim

Standard black trim
Standard brass trim
Standard brushed steel trim
Standard stainless steel trim
 BlackBrassBrushed steelStainless steel 

Profiled trim

Profiled black trim
Profiled brass trim
Profiled stainless steel trim
 BlackBrassStainless steel 

Curved trim - not available on slide control models

Curved black trim
Curved brass trim
Curved stainless steel trim
 BlackBrassStainless steel 

Designer trim

Designer black/brass trim
Designer black/stainless steel trim
Designer brass/black trim
Designer brass/stainless steel trim
Designer stainless steel/black trim
Designer stainless steel/brass trim
 Black/BrassBlack/Stainless steelBrass/BlackBrass/Stainless steelStainless steel/BlackStainless steel/Brass 

Fret options


Bauhaus fret

Bauhaus black fret
Bauhaus brass fret
Bauhaus polished fret

Blenheim fret

Blenheim antique fret
Blenheim black fret
Blenheim brass fret
Blenheim polished fret

Edwardian fret - not available on Powerflue models

Edwardian black fret
Edwardian brass fret
Edwardian polished fret

Elegance fret

Elegance black fret
Elegance brass fret
Elegance polished fret

Media fret

Media brass fret
Media polished fret
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