Fontana HE

Verine Fontana HE

5 year guarantee

The Fontana HE has an incredible 87% net efficiency, a heat output of up to 4.2kW, and is operated by a thermostatic remote control system. The Fontana HE features a striking graphite grey fascia with a stainless steel trim and comes with a highly realistic log fuel bed. The Fontana HE is not suitable for installation into pre-cast flues but there is a Balanced Flue option for homes without an existing chimney.

Natural Gas

Builders Opening Sizes (Balanced Flue in brackets)

  Natural Gas  Min Height:540 mm (530 mm) 
Remote Control
 Max Height:545 mm (535 mm) 
  Fully Remote with Thermostat
Semi-Remote Control on Balanced Flue model
 Min Width:750 mm (750 mm) 
Black Ribbed Back
 Max Width:780 mm (760 mm) 
  Black Ribbed Back  
Log fuel bed
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The Fontana HE trim is 990mm wide x 685mm high

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