Atina Strata

Verine Atina

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The compact and minimalist design of the Atina hole-in-the-wall fire makes this a very popular contemporary product. The Atina has a wide choice of trim styles, colours and fuel beds to allow it to be customised to your own design. The Atina is not suitable for installation into pre-cast flues. Please note - the Atina is not designed to be used as a source of heat but purely for decorative purposes.

Natural Gas

Builders Opening Sizes

  Natural GasLPG Min Height:300 mm 
Remote Control
 Max Height:310 mm 
  Fully Remote Control Min Width:520 mm 
Plain Back
 Max Width:530 mm 
  Plain Back  
Coal fuel bed
Pebble fuel bed
Log fuel bed
Driftwood fuel bed
White Stone fuel bed
Flame Only fuel bed
  DriftwoodWhite StonesFlame Only 
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Trim options


Strata - 900mm wide x 475mm high

Atina Strata

Slimline - available in Gloss Black or Polished Steel (not shown) - 580mm wide x 355mm high

Atina Slimline

XL - available in Graphite Grey or Cream Stone - 900mm wide x 445mm high

Atina XL Graphite Grey
Atina XL Cream Stone
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