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Fondital boilers & aluminium-alloy radiators

The Fondital Group was founded in 1970 by Mr Silvestro Niboli and today has 10 production plants and more than 3000 employees. Fondital has been developing and manufacturing aluminium radiators and high efficiency boilers for many years, aiming to provide the very best energy efficiency for this type of installation.

In order to limit the impact on the environment and make them more economical for the end user, Fondital always concentrates on offering products with maximum heat yield and reduced energy consumption.


The Fondital range of SEDBUK A-rated boilers encompass high efficiency condensing combi and system boilers in three sizes, 24kW, 28kW and 32kW.

All of the Fondital boilers have a thermo-polymer and stainless steel heat exchanger at the heart of the heating circuit, and the combi boilers have a stainless steel secondary heat exhanger for the hot water circuit.

All Fondital boilers are capable of running the heating circuit at 50°C for the most efficient use with aluminium-alloy radiators, underfloor heating systems or a combination of both.

As a result of their design criteria, Fondital combi boilers are capable of hot water flow rates that most competitors cannot achieve at the equivalent size of boiler.

All Fondital boilers have a manufacturer's warranty of 2 years as standard, however, when the radiators used are Fondital aluminium-alloy radiators, see below, this warranty becomes 5 years.

A brochure in pdf format is available - Brochure

Aluminium Radiators

As part of the overall goal of providing heat at lower energy usage, and cost, Fondital have developed a range of aluminium-alloy radiators which allows the boiler heating circuit to run at a water temperature of only 50°C as opposed to the standard 80°C used with steel radiators while still providing the same heat output, thus reducing heating costs by up to 30%.

Fondital aluminium-alloy radiators are available with heat outputs of 713W, 855W, 998W, 1140W, 1283W, 1425W, 1710W, 1853W and 1995W and are 600mm high.

All Fondital aluminium-alloy radiators are made of 100% recycled material at the foundry in Italy, are protected by a two-layer coating, have been pressure tested to 50% greater than their specified rating and come with a 10 year guarantee.


Under no circumstances is the information contained in this website intended to be used as a substitute, in any regard, for the advice of an appropriately qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.